> Discussion: What brought you to the session? What are you feeling you're in need of? What animals have you been seeing lately physically or in your dreams? Are there parts of you that you feel need some healing or mothering like your inner child, etc.? Are there familial patterns to be recognized and healed?  Do you feel blocked somewhere in your life or body? What bodily symptoms are you experiencing?

> Background: I give you information on what I do and how the session will go so you know what to expect

> Intention setting for the session-- energy flows where the intention goes!

> Energy Assessment & Healing: You lie on the massage table, receive, and relax! Assessment of energy in body, mind and spirit.

Energy healing includes a blend of Reiki, Healing Touch, Earth-based healing and yoga. Stones, crystals, singing bowls, breathwork, smudging (depending on location) and guided meditation sometimes used.  

> Earth-based prayer: chosen specifically to what energy needs speaking to

> Post-session: sharing of energy assessment and what came up during the session intuitively, energetically, spiritually, or physically. May show and give meditations, rituals, or breathwork to do on your own to help continue to clear, ground and balance.

> Behind the scenes: Before our session I open up to the directions (ritual + earth medicine) to my guides and yours, and start calling in the energies needed for healing during the session. Afterwards, there is still processing that happens and I will usually send out a follow-up email to summarize and bring together what came up in the session and afterwards.

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