This is for YOU if...


> you are FEELING BLOCKED or looking for help CLEARING OUT OLD STUCK ENERGY such as fear, self-doubt, unworthiness, old injuries, grief, sadness, and other emotions or traumatic experiences

> you are having trouble getting pregnant and want to an energy assessment and clearing to enhance healing of the body, mind, and spirit to PROMOTE AND SUPPORT A PREGNANCY

> you want to FIND BALANCE within you through finding harmony between feminine and masculine energies

>you want to MANIFEST something into your life

> you want to learn how to personally REST INTO THE FEMININE or female essence in this masculine/patriarchal society

> you want to DISCOVER & HEAL familial patterns or wounding

> you want to learn or AWAKEN TO THE WAYS THE UNIVERSE IS SUPPORTING YOU through signs, numbers, or animals that are showing up in your life physically, energetically, and/or spiritually

> you are in need of being held in a LOVING and COMPASSIONATE space for deep healing

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