Awaken to Your Power Program

A self growth journey to create more lightness, joy, and soul aligned work in your life.

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Do you want to feel lighter? More joyful? Have more energy? Relieve pain? Do you want to connect to those parts of yourself that feel as if they are hiding? The parts that know? The parts that want to put a voice to the stirrings in your being that have been there for awhile ready to be birthed? Do you want to know those parts more intimately? Do you want to create a life that feels more in alignment with your heart and soul? Do you want to awaken that power within you that is connected, intuitive, creative, wild, confident, grounded, loving, and flowing?

This program includes:


-(3) 90-120 minute sessions 


-Email support for two months


-Access to guided meditations


-Journaling prompts 


This program is an accumulation of tools I used to fill my cup, find balance, more energy, and do the things in my life that feel more in alignment with what my heart and soul want and need.


We dive into how we give our power away or how we feel it is taken. We discuss boundaries. Sometimes we need to create more in our lives to harness our energy and not allow energy from others or externally to drain us.


We assess mind patterns and old stories that may be taking our power away, keeping us small, or draining our energy. We then use powerful tools to recognize, change, and upgrade our thinking. We turn our mind into a tool for what our heart wants instead of our own worst enemy.


We feel into your body and assess your energy centers to see where stuck energy and pain are in order to bring about more healing to these places. I use Reiki, Healing Touch and earth based medicine as tools for clearing and restoring as well. Our bodies tell us a lot about what is happening so we take the time to listen and give it what it needs.

We dive and tap into your truths and personal desires. We put words to those deep longings and knowings to empower and find your next steps for you uniquely. 


We do a partial birth chart reading and discussion to look at what your soul wants in this life, past life, wounding, strengths, and unique gifts in order to empower you. 

We flow into the feminine energy and what that means. We explore how to surrender, receive, go with the flow of life, trust, rest, be, create, and ultimately awaken to the feminine power within you.