Awaken to Your Power Series

Begins Friday November 8 from 11:30-1:30 for six weeks

Location: Holistic Gateway

Do you want to feel lighter? More joyful? Have more energy? Relieve pain? Do you want to connect to those parts of yourself that feel as if they are hiding? The parts that know? The parts that want to put a voice to the stirrings in your being that have been there for awhile ready to be birthed? Do you want to know those parts more intimately? Do you want to create a life that feels more in alignment with your heart and soul? Do you want to awaken that power within you that is connected, intuitive, creative, wild, confident, grounded, loving, and flowing?

This 6 week series is for women who want to deep dive together into the Wild Woman within themselves and awaken the feminine power within.

Week 1: We reflect how we give our power away or how we feel it is taken away. We then learn and practice how to create boundaries.

Week 2: We clear old patterns, stories, and negative mind loops that are keeping us small and draining our energy. We also assess for any other energy drains in your life.

Week 3: We get into our bodies, feel the feels, and learn to hear what are intuitively bodies are telling us.

Week 4: Here we learn to use our voice and find our howl. We put to words and voice what it is we desire, what we are longing for, what we truly need to say, and our deepest truths that need to be expressed.

Week 5: We focus on empowering you by looking at your unique gifts, strengths, and what your soul feels called towards in this lifetime through partial astrological birth chart analysis.

Week 6: We flow into the feminine here and what that means. We explore how to surrender, receive, go with the flow of life, trust, rest, be, create, and ultimately awaken to the feminine power within you.

Throughout the series we will be practicing meditation and some body movement.

Feel free to bring: a journal, water bottle for your own refreshment, and any items you would like to add to the altar. Comfortable clothes recommended.

This series is meant to be experienced in its entirety in order to create a deeply sacred space for healing, connecting, trusting, and awakening. No drop-ins, commitment is necessary.

Series limited to 8 attendees.


$240 ($40 a week). $50 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot and total due by October 18th or pay in full: , I also accept Venmo, cash, or check. (Email for more info on these options at [masked]
PLEASE NOTE (if using PayPal): If you transfer money using your PayPal balance or from your bank account via PayPal, there is NO extra fee.

If you use a *credit card* via PayPal, there IS a processing fee (2.9%+).

If you use a *credit card* please add $1.75 to your deposit of $50 for a total of $51.75. OR if paying in full via *credit card*, please add $7 to your total of $240 for a total of $247 to cover the fees.


Emily Johnson, RYT, Holistic RN-MSN, & owner of Awakening Wisdom Therapies

She is an Aquarius born under a Virgo full moon. She follows her deeply service oriented and joyful heart by holding space for women to awaken and find healing through empowerment circles and individual private sessions. Her work is based on her deep belief that we all have the power and wisdom within us to heal and awaken to our highest calling and life we desire to live. She integrates holistic nursing, yoga, meditation, energywork (Reiki & Healing Touch), earth-based medicine and spirituality, astrology, and intuitive abilities into her work. 

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