Empowering the Empath Series

Begins Saturday October 17th from 11-am-12pm for six weeks

Location:  Anywhere via Zoom

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Are you an empath? If you are, this is for you if you want to be empowered through a journey of deep self discovery. Through the weeks we begin by learning about our energy and healing it, awareness and healing from our conscious or unconscious patterns we carry, learning how to listen to our innate wisdom and intuition, discussing and opening to our unique individual gifts as empaths to empower and find purpose. Here is a review of what we will dive into each week:


Week 1: Introduction to Our Energetic Power, Boundaries, and Clearing What is your energetic power? How do we give it away? How is it taken from us? What loving energetic boundaries can we create? What creative and feminine container do you want to create? Ways to clear energy. Exploring and clearing our energy centers. Daily ritual. Loving boundary meditation.


Week 2-3: Awareness and Healing: Breaking Cycles,Patterns,& Stories What stories do we keep telling ourselves that keep us small?Are we playing victim? What negative mind loops are depleting us and keeping us from our power? What familial patterns can we stop with us? Can we accept our own journey and quit comparing ourselves? What feelings of unworthiness can we heal? Cord cutting meditation.


Week 4: Getting into the Heart & Out of the Head (Body Awareness) What are our bodies telling us? What do we feel when we are doing something we really don?t want to do? Listening and aligning to stay in our power. Feeling our feels to stay honest, clear, and balanced. Listening to our intuition.


Week 5: Empowering and Sharing ourselves What are our gifts as empaths? What are your unique gifts to share with the world?Your strengths? (partial astrological birth chart analysis)


Week 6: Creating and Closing Ritual How can we surrender to the flow of life? Do you trust life? What are we going to take forth and create in our life?Planting seeds. Womb Ritual

Throughout the series we will be practicing meditation and some body movement.

Feel free to bring: a journal, water bottle for your own refreshment, and any items you would like to add to the altar. Comfortable clothes recommended.

This series is meant to be experienced in its entirety in order to create a deeply sacred space for healing, connecting, trusting, and awakening. No drop-ins, commitment is necessary.

Series limited to 8 attendees.


$222 ($37 a week). $50 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot and total due by October 10th or pay in full: PayPal.me/emilyeajohnson , I also accept Venmo,or Paypal (Email for more info on these options at [masked]
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Emily Johnson, RYT, Holistic RN-MSN, & owner of Awakening Wisdom Therapies

She is an Aquarius born under a Virgo full moon. She follows her deeply service oriented and joyful heart by holding space for women to awaken and find healing through empowerment circles and individual private sessions. Her work is based on her deep belief that we all have the power and wisdom within us to heal and awaken to our highest calling and life we desire to live. She integrates holistic nursing, yoga, meditation, energywork (Reiki & Healing Touch), earth-based medicine and spirituality, astrology, and intuitive abilities into her work.