Holistic Nursing + Earth-Based Healing + Energy Healing + Meditation + Astrology



As a kid, whenever someone would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, I was would say: "I want to be a mother." Little did I know that my journey into motherhood would be filled with so many unexpected twists and turns and mixed emotions; it’s been treacherous and sad, yet happy and joyful too.


The true start of my spiritual healing journey began after I experienced my first deep loss through a severe injury to my abdomen and diaphragm that left me unable to barely walk and inflicted with terrible chronic pain. 


I also went through a divorce and endured two miscarriages that were devastating and left me full of fear. It made me question everything and think, maybe I'm not meant to be a mom? I don't deserve to have a child, or would my body be able to handle it? Would a pregnancy make my injury worse? I was full of grief and struggled with my worthiness every single day. After being frustrated with the limitations of modern medicine, I established the most profound healing through other therapies such as energy healing, yoga, meditation, earth-based medicine, and bodywork. The most healing though came from the compassionate and loving space that I was held in during all of these therapies.


As I started to feel better and my health improved, I learned a lot about myself and my reason for doing the work I do today. My journey taught me that I must nourish, care, and mother myself before that was possible for me to do it with a child or others. I learned how resting into my femininity and finding more balance between the masculine and feminine energies was essential to finding my way into motherhood—and, overall, to a more balanced life and whole being.


Deep healing of my body, mind, and spirit was at the forefront of my journey. Today, I am passionately sharing Awakening Wisdom Therapies with you to equip you with the actual tools I used to help me to deeply heal, regain hope, empower, and awaken personal power. I look forward to holding the same compassionate and loving space during our sessions together as I was blessed with on my healing journey.


Mother + Healer + Nurse

Holistic Nursing + Earth-Based Healing + Energy Healing + Yoga + Thai bodywork
Holistic Nursing + Earth-Based Healing + Energy Healing + Yoga + Thai bodywork

Training &


Master of Science in Nursing at Metropolitan State University, 2015

Holistic Nursing Program endorsed by the American Holistic Nursing Association (AHNA)

-Member of AHNA

Holistic nursing experience:

-Current postpartum nurse at Region's Birth Center (November 2017-current)

-Medical-Surgical nurse for almost two years at the University of MN and Woodwinds Hospital (February 2016- November 2017)

-Co-community instructor of Acute Medical Surgical Care at Metropolitan State University (Fall semester 2016)

Bachelor of Arts in Biology & Minor in Psychology at Metropolitan State University, 2012

235hr Yoga Teacher Training at Devanadi Yoga, 2014

Program included Hatha, Tantra, and Classical Yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, and energy medicine

-Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance

Evolutionary Astrology Studies with Jessa Walters, Evolutionary Astrologer, since 2017 and self studied in Astrology lifelong

Therapeutic Yoga Certificate at One Yoga with Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal, 2013

Reiki Levels I and II at Devanadi Yoga & Reiki Master through Spirit School

Healing Touch Levels 1-3 at St. Catherine's University, 2013 & 2018

Thai Bodywork Levels 1-5 + workshops at Devanadi Yoga + Master training with Pichest Boonthumme in Chiang Mai Thailand, 2013

Doula Training with Marla Devens (DONA certified), 2017

Earth-based energy medicine with my healer, teacher, and mentor Nicole Nardone and self-taught throughout my life from naturally being closely connected to Mother Nature herself along with animals, guides, and helpers seen and unseen.

Holistic Nursing + Energy Healing + Yoga + Earth-Based Healing + Bodywork

Holistic Nursing + Earth-Based Healing + Energy Healing + Yoga + Thai bodywork
Holistic Nursing + Earth-Based Healing + Energy Healing + Yoga + Thai bodywork


The intention of my practice comes from my deep belief and truth that everyone has the wisdom within themselves to heal and feel whole. My intent is to always give and empower from a place of great love and hold space for everyone to awaken to their own innate wisdom within. Blending my studies in earth-based medicine, Reiki, Healing Touch, yoga (Classic, Hatha, Ayurveda, Tantra, and Therapeutic), meditation, Thai Bodywork and holistic nursing I bring them all into my practice as well as with my gifts of intuition in order to carry forth this intention.

Holding a loving & compassionate healing space while awakening wisdom

Holistic Nursing + Earth-Based Healing + Energy Healing + Yoga + Thai bodywork
Holistic Nursing + Earth-Based Healing + Energy Healing + Yoga + Thai bodywork

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