Awakening the wisdom within through earth, energy, & intuitive healing

Awakening Wisdom Therapies

Emily Johnson, RN-MSN, RYT

Intention of my Practice

The intention of my practice comes from my deep belief and truth that everyone has the wisdom within themselves to heal and feel whole. My intent is to always give and empower from a place of great love and hold space for everyone to awaken to their own innate wisdom within. Blending my studies in earth-based medicine, Reiki, Healing Touch, yoga (Classic, Hatha, Ayurveda, Tantra, and Therapeutic), astrology, meditation, Thai Bodywork and holistic nursing I bring them all into my practice as well as with my gifts of intuition in order to carry forth this intention.

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This is for you if...

>you want to align with YOUR TRUTH & find your unique VOICE

>you want more ENERGY & want to learn where you can set loving BOUNDARIES

>you want to feel LIGHTER & more JOYFUL 

>you want to CONNECT & KNOW yourself on a deeper level

>you are unsure of the next steps & need GUIDANCE to what those are

>you want to feel more POWERFUL, CONNECTED, & GROUNDED in your truth, body, and desires

>you want to feel more become AWARE of & RELEASE old stories that are holding you back

>you want to feel more CREATIVE, FREE, INSPIRED, & EMPOWERED

>you want to step into your POWER more fully and LIVE the life you want


> you are FEELING BLOCKED or looking for help CLEARING OUT OLD STUCK ENERGY such as fear, self-doubt, unworthiness, old injuries, grief, sadness, and other emotions or traumatic experiences 

> you want to FIND BALANCE within you through finding harmony between feminine and masculine energies

> you want to learn how to personally REST INTO THE FEMININE or female essence in this masculine/patriarchal society

>you want to SHOW UP differently  in your relationships

> you want to DISCOVER & HEAL familial patterns or wounding

> you want to learn or AWAKEN TO THE WAYS THE UNIVERSE IS SUPPORTING YOU through signs, numbers, or animals that are showing up in your life physically, energetically, and/or spiritually

>you want to learn how to set SACRED SPACE for yourself

> you are in need of being held in a LOVING and COMPASSIONATE space for deep healing

>you are VALUE personal growth & are COMMITTED to living your best life

>you are ready to DIVE DEEP, TRANSFORM, SHOW UP for yourself & live to your fullest POTENTIAL

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Hey friends-_It’s the season for deep in


> Discussion: What brought you to the session? What are you feeling you're in need of? What animals have you been seeing lately physically or in your dreams? Are there parts of you that you feel need some healing? Are there familial patterns to be recognized and healed?  Do you feel blocked somewhere in your life or body? What bodily symptoms are you experiencing? What feelings are coming up? 

We also do a partial astrological birth chart reading during our session for self empowerment

> Background: I give you information on what I do and how the session will go so you know what to expect

> Intention setting for the session-- energy flows where the intention goes!

> Energy Assessment & Healing: You lie on the massage table, receive, and relax! Assessment of energy in body, mind and spirit. We open up to any guides, spirits, and animals that that want to be present with us. 

Energy healing includes a blend of Reiki, Healing Touch, Earth-based healing and yoga. Stones, crystals, singing bowls, breathwork, smudging and guided meditation sometimes used.  

> Earth-based prayer: chosen specifically to what energy needs speaking to

> Post-session discussion: sharing of energy assessment and what came up during the session intuitively, energetically, spiritually, or physically. May show and give meditations, rituals, or breathwork to do on your own to help continue to clear, ground and balance.

> Behind the scenes: Before our session I open up to the directions (ritual + earth medicine) to my guides and yours, and start calling in the energies needed for healing during the session. Afterwards, there is still processing that happens and I send out a follow-up email to summarize and bring together what came up in the session and afterwards.

Awakening Offerings


90-120 Minute

Regular Awaken Session

Discussion + Full Assessment + Intention Setting +

Clear, balance, and awaken wisdom within + personalized summary writing piece



(Payments due after session. Due prior if via Zoom)

Empowering the Empath

10am-12pm Saturdays starting October 17, 2020.

via zoom



$50 deposit and full payment due by October 10th. Refund available before 48 hrs of first day. Payment by Venmo @EmilyEAJohnson or

Awakening to Your Power

3 DEEP Awakening Sessions

Personalized to empower & awaken the power within you to live to the life you want to live based on your unique gifts and values. 

(3) 90-120 minute sessions


(Payment due at first session. Payment plans optional. Ask for more details.)

**Sessions are at my home in Oakdale, out in mother nature, through videochat/phone or at your home. Specify your preference when you schedule. Payments are due on day of service via Paypal, Venmo or cash. Add $10 for in your home sessions**

"Emily is a profoundly loving and compassionate healer.  She has not only helped me to begin removing blockages that have been holding me back, but also guided me to understand and embrace my gifts and potential. After only a single session, I felt lighter, more hopeful and began creating new opportunities in my life based on the insights she provided to me.  I am deeply grateful to have found her!"
>Melissa L.
"Emily’s warmth and intuitive healing energy are an extraordinary gift to the people she helps. She carries a powerful medicine that connects with nature to help you heal and learn to know yourself. Her gifts provide guidance and understanding to areas of your life that need it. My session with her was remarkable and I walked away feeling restored and grounded. I especially loved the extra time and energy she put into the follow up writing as I refer to it often for guidance since our session. I look forward to seeing her again soon and continuing this healing journey with her. "
> Marisa M.
"Emily is extremely warm, inviting, and professional. She ensures you feel comfortable throughout the entire experience. Emily performed healing touch on me, which was my first experience with it. It was spiritually enlightening, as well as physically renewing. I would recommend any and all services Emily offers!"
>Brittni, R.

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